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BETA XTrainer Pipe Cage Guard & Performance Torque Pipe Kit

by Motoes

Save upto 15% with our cage guard and torque pipe kit!


Beta Xtrainer 2015-2024 Models


  • Beta Cage Guard
  • Performance Torque Pipe


This pack is a great combination, the Motoes torque pipe dramatically increases torque and performance, coupled with the cage guard for added protection you are all set to worry-free!

The Motoes exhaust is stainless steel for life and doesn't rust like other pipes

The mounting brackets supplied are strong and sturdy to ensure the bash plate will stay in the correct position.

it is light and durable and made from steel /  8mm thickness.

Includes screws, washers, and locknuts.

** Designed to fit OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)**

Weight; 2,65 Kg

Original price €437,95 - Original price €437,95
Original price
€437,95 - €437,95
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