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BETA RR Pipe Cage Guard & Bash Plate 2020-2024 Models

by Motoes

Our cage-style bash plate is the alternative option for people who don't want a full bash plate.

It still offers pipe protection and protects when the bike falls but is much easier to clean and release dirt after a day on the bike.


Beta 250 /300 2T  RR and Racing 2020 -2024  Models 


Our bash plate has been tried and tested by multiple professional enduro racers

it has been specially designed with a strong open cage to make it easy to clean and to easily release any debris or water as you are riding.  It has been tailored carefully to the shape of the engine so you can be assured that it will help to protect damage from all types of terrain.

The mounting brackets supplied are strong and sturdy to ensure the bash plate will stay in the correct position.

it is light and durable and made from steel /  8mm thickness.

Includes screws, washers, and locknuts.

** Designed to fit OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)**

Weight; 2,65 Kg

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