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Bikerz Kingdom Stainless Steel Performance Exhaust

Our Stainless Steel Performance exhaust has been designed specifically with performance in mind. It quickly releases gas to improve speed and power.


  • 4 Stroke 50cc - 200cc (Recommended With Silencer) 
  • 4 Stroke 250cc -1000cc (Recommended Without Silencer)


  • 1 x Performance Exhaust
  • Silencer
  • Adaptor for smaller engines
  • Attachment Strap


  • Made from Stainless steel
  • Comes with silencer (can be removed)
  • Weight:1.3kg
  • Length: 42cm
  • Entry: 51mm

The Bikerz Kingdom exhaust pipes are specially designed to give the driver more power.

How an Exhaust Torque Pipe Can Improve Performance

The performance improvements offered by an exhaust torque pipe are not limited to just horsepower and torque gains. Let's take a closer look at how this upgrade can enhance your overall driving experience:

  1. Enhanced Throttle Response - with improved exhaust gas flow, an exhaust torque pipe can significantly enhance throttle response.
  2. Increased Top-End Power - Another advantage of an exhaust torque pipe is the boost in top-end power.
  3. Better Heat Dissipation - High-performance driving generates a significant amount of heat, which can hurt engine performance if not properly managed. Fortunately, exhaust torque pipes excel at dissipating heat.
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