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Husqvarna TBI 250-300 2023 - 2024 Model Exhaust Torque Pipe

by Motoes

These fantastic 2-stroke Exhaust Torque pipes are the perfect solution for upgrading your HUSQVARNA, increasing torque and improving your performance.


  • HUSQVARNA TE250 - TE300 - 2024 ( New Chassis )
  • HUSQVARNA TX250 - TX300 2023 - 2024
  • HUSQVARNA TC250 - TC300 2023 - 2024

Made entirely of 304-quality chrome this super durable exhaust is stainless steel for life!

The Motoes exhaust pipes are specially designed and individually handcrafted to give the driver more torque and power, a great help, especially in the world's most demanding terrain.

Tried and tested by professional enduro riders we constantly receive feedback on just how great their bike has improved, they are the perfect choice for any serious competitor.

How an Exhaust Torque Pipe Can Improve Performance

The performance improvements offered by an exhaust torque pipe are not limited to just horsepower and torque gains. Let's take a closer look at how this upgrade can enhance your overall driving experience:

  1. Enhanced Throttle Response - with improved exhaust gas flow, an exhaust torque pipe can significantly enhance throttle response.
  2. Increased Top-End Power - Another advantage of an exhaust torque pipe is the boost in top-end power.
  3. Better Heat Dissipation - High-performance driving generates a significant amount of heat, which can have a negative impact on engine performance if not properly managed. Fortunately, exhaust torque pipes excel at dissipating heat.
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