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Ultimate Travel Kit Bajaj Pulsar NS200

 The Bikerz Kingdom travel kit is all you need to hit the road! All you need to do is pack your bags, grab your riding gear and off you go!

Kit Includes:

  • Side case baggage rack
  • Top case baggage rack
  • 2 in 1 helmet lock and phone holder

Baggage racks

Our top case & side case baggage racks are the perfect option for adding your travel cases to your to your Bajaj Pulsar NS200.

They are made from solid iron making them extra strurdy and safe so you can rest assured that your baggae will be safely attached to your motorcycle.

It sits at an angle slightly back to allow the rider to sick comfortable when riding

Designes with esigned with style in mind so that on rides when you arent using the cases your bike will still look stylish meanng you dont need to remove the rack when your not using. 

2 in 1 helmet and phone lock

This panted innovated design solves many of your motorcycle problems!

Whilst you are riding you can securely attach your mobile phone to your motorcycle without any worry of it coming off, this makes it easy and safe for you to use your mobile phones navigation system and to easily see who is calling.

You can easily stop and check something on your phone without having to fiddle around taking it out of your motorcycle jacket.

When you have stopped you can lock your helmet to your bike and not have to worry about having to carry it around with you. What is more is when paired with the option rain cover, you can leave your helmet is all weather and not have to worry about it getting wet!


Bajaj Pulsar NS200 2011 - 2023

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