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Brembo Master Clutch Clamp Repair Kit

The Brembo Master Repair Clamp is an essential piece of equipment to carry with you when you are in a race or just out on the tracks

A super quick and easy solution for a snapped Brembo Clutch or Brake Master cylinder clamp.

With the clutch repair kit, you are able to repair a snapped clutch in seconds using this kit, ensuring you are able to continue riding so you don't need to push the bike or wait for assistance to come.

Easy to carry in your bag or on the bike for emergencies, creates a permanent repair for 1/4 the price of replacing the master cylinder.

  • A2 High tensile 304 stainless steel bolts


  • All KTM/BETA/SHERCO/HUSABERG With brembo Clutch or Brake master cylinder

*May fit other Brembo applications - if you are unsure please send us a photo of yours to confirm.

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